At Heartline Healing, we support your growth through a variety of healing modalities.


• Releasing blocked and/or stagnant energies
• Examining beliefs
• Facing life transitions
• Releasing long-held emotional baggage accumulated across your lifetime
• Paying attention to all the demands and issues that have kept you mired in the past, in habitual behaviors and beliefs that no longer fit with your present life brings renewed energy and a sense of freedom within yourself.

Reclaim your body, mind, emotional state and, especially, free your spirit, consciously taking your life back.

Diane and Nick Guidici - Heartline Healing


Heartline Healing, established in Tucson in 1994, presents a multi-faceted program of Integrated Healing. The focus is to bring together the issues of body, mind, emotion and spirit, integrating the healing processes to promote healing of the client.


Diane Guidici, MA, MFT

Minister, Universal Life Church
HI Lic. 2012-02432
Counselor (CA), Educator, Author
MFT CA Lic. 21066

Diane Guidici uses an eclectic counseling model that includes both self-directed and traditional integrated approaches.

Dominic Guidici, BA
Minister, Universal Life Church
HI Lic. 2014-04937
Qigong Practioner & Teacher,
Acupressure Therapist (CA)

Dominic Guidici addresses the client’s issues by working with his/her Chi system, releasing blockages that are preventing the natural process of free-flowing Chi.