Energy Healing : Body Healing

The body carries not just the physical condition of ones being, but also carries many “hidden” messages from one’s Chi (Energy) System that are often experienced as pain, tension, headache, stress or any number of other common symptoms.

Working with an advanced knowledge of complex blockages to one’s energy system, many serious conditions can be successfully treated. The systematic application of this advanced acupressure therapy makes possible the effective relief of many difficult cases.

• Migraines/Headaches
• Back pain – upper/mid/low
• Arm & Shoulder pain
• Joint pain – some arthritis pain
• Muscle knots and Sciatica
• Cancer Treatment Side-Effects from:
• • •– surgery, radiation, chemotherapy
• • •– emotional stress

People with conditions that have not yielded to conventional therapies are encouraged to try this new approach to soft tissue and joint pain; it has often produced significant relief.

Many of the processes used are derived from the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) model. This is a healing art that has been practiced in China and all over Asia for over 3,000 years. This therapy stimulates and guides the body to heal itself, thereby balancing a client’s physical-mental-emotional energies.