Life Transitions

Our life transitions begin with our birth – moving from the womb into the world. Whatever our experience of this time, it will impact who and how we are throughout our lives. But this is only our first transition… Over the years we experience many transitions. Some seem to flow very smoothly while others are extremely challenging.

• Starting school, changing schools, school relationships, graduations
• First job, changing jobs, losing your job, financial woes
• Parents needing to take care of their parents while still focusing on
children at home
• Marriage, divorce, single parenting, blended families
• Giving birth, bringing up a family
• Accidents, injuries, Illness and death

The list is truly unending, as we each move through our lives. What one person may experience as a crisis, another views it with a “wave of the hand.”

What is important is to address your life transitions that have had an impact on your life in such a way that the experience inhibits your being able to move beyond it, or making important changes in your life today!